Struggling to Find Color Inspiration

We have all been there. We worked hard and have finished up the design. We wrote the pattern, found the perfect yarn to complement the design, and completed the beautiful creation. But then what? No doubt you are on to the next design. But where do you find your color inspiration? When planning for your next pattern design which comes first: color or design?

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone…so many colors!

Mother Nature

I am inspired by nature. The amazing and unique colors found in the landscape, the sky, the mountains, the animals, the grasses, and the water…they all inspire me! All one has to do is look around to find some color inspiration that will guide the way to their next design creation.

Whether you are in the desert, the mountains, on the coast, or in the heartland…mother natures never disappoints. Each can provide a unique and awe inspiring back drop for your next design.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” I think many of us have seen this quote by famed naturalist John Muir. For me, the mountains provide so much beauty and inspiration that they never cease to amaze me with their splendor. The colors, textures, smells, and timelessness are awe inspiring. Pick a mountain, any mountain, and you will find beauty beyond measure!

The desert brings along its own sense of wonder. Deep reds, oranges, yellows, and tans contrast against the blue sky above. Seasonally the desert is dotted with colors from cactus and foliage trying its best to survive the harsh realities of summer heat.

The ocean and its coastline are always a welcome sight to me. I feel at home on the coast and it never fails to astound me with its ever-changing tide, colors, and sense of strength. I love how the colors of the water change from dawn to dusk, during the seasons, and with the weather. You can find every shade of blue, green, teal, and sand along the coast. Dip your toes in the water and feel the inspiration.

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces..great contrasts of browns and whites

Colors of the seasons

The seasons are always changing and provide endless opportunities for inspiration. Hope springs eternal in springtime. Fresh bright colors bring hope after the long winter. Leaves emerge, flowers bloom, and the sky lightens up. Moods brighten with the flush of spring!

Summer elicits thoughts of warm water, sunshine, and long days spent enjoying the outdoors. The vivid blues and greens found in various bodies of water can lead you to your next design. Camping, vacations, and time spent in nature can provide more than you need to spark your creativity.

Fall brings with it cooler temps, pumpkin spice everything, shorter days and longer nights. The leaves and grasses dot the landscape with oranges, yellows, reds, and browns. Even the animals and birds change with the dropping temps as they prepare for old man winter. While some colors begin to fade others emerge bright and more vibrant than ever.

Winter provides it own beauty and vivid contrasts. Winter storms bring along grays, blacks, browns, dark blues, and shades of white. The monochromatic colors often found during winter can bring along its own inspiration.

Lake Yellowstone…a most inspiring and rejuvenating place

Look to The Sky

Are you looking for inspiration that is dramatic and forever changing? Look up! You can find so many amazing colors, shades, and tones up in the sky that can help jump start you color inspiration. At sunrise you can find the most spectacular pinks, oranges, yellows, magentas, and purples. Need something more moody, then just look to the sky during a storm and you will see blues, grays, charcoal, and flashes of white striking the sky. The same sky is never the same from day to day or season to season or region to region.

Geyser Basin has so much amazing color

In my own backyard (or almost)- Yellowstone National Park

One of my very favorite places to get inspiration is in Yellowstone National Park. I often joke that it is my back yard even though it is about 55 miles to the gate. When I step outside my front door I can look up the North Fork toward Yellowstone. Along the way you drive the Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway. Many say it is the 50 most beautiful miles you can drive in North America. I have to agree!

You can often see buffalo, big horn sheep, elk, deer, eagles, hawks, bears, and moose, along with many other wildlife. The animals are not the only amazing thing to see along the drive. The rock formations, Shoshone River, and mountains are simply spectacular. It does not matter what season you drive it, it is amazing, and it never looks the same twice.

Yellowstone National Park is a must see for sure. Regardless of the season it offers so many one-of-a-kind views. From the waterfalls, to the lakes, the rivers, streams, canyons, geysers, mud pots, and mountains, there is something for everyone! The colors, sights, sounds, and smells are incomparable.

My favorite place in the park for color inspiration is in the Geyser Basin area. By far the most unique place I have ever seen. Each geyser has its own color, shape, size, and smell. Some are crazy combinations of orange, yellow, and brown, while others are strikingly beautiful teal, aqua, blue, and green. Some are small, shallow, and bubble while others are large, still, and by all appearances, bottomless. More than once I have taken colors from the geysers as inspiration for my designs and makes. But no matter how many pictures I take, the beauty can never be truly captured on film. Seeing is believing!

Love the browns and beige contrasting with the blue of the lake

Inspiration is everywhere

Color inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere! If you just look around you can’t help but be in awe of Mother Nature in all her grandeur! Whether you are planning to dye up yarn, designing your next crochet masterpiece, or simply need a break from the grind of real life…you will find what you are looking for if you just take a walk out in the wide open spaces, open your eyes, and take it all in! Get outside and be inspired!!