About Me

Hello…my name is Sharon and I live and thrive in northwest Wyoming! Home of Yellowstone National Park, bison, horses, rodeo, wind, and cowboys and cowgirls! I am surrounded by beautiful mountains, fresh air, blue sky, sunshine, and things that make my heart happy!

I am a horse loving, crochet creating, quilt making, book reading gal. I have spent the last decade plus crafting a life I love! I strive to surround myself with the people and things that I love and which bring happiness, comfort, peace, and harmony to my life.

I have always enjoyed the creative process. I love to crochet, quilt, take pictures, scrapbook, garden, and decorate my home.

The last year has been crazy for everyone! What I learned is that I really need an outlet for the stress of life and work. Life is too short to not live your best life!

I came to the realization just how relaxing and therapeutic the creative process can be. Crochet and quilting have truly helped to calm and focus my mind.

My goal is that by sharing a bit of my life and creative process, you find inspiration and encouragement to live an authentic life filled with all the beauty, color, and wonder that nature provides!

If you have any questions or commentary, you can reach me at sharon@acodycowgirlcreates.com

Thanks for reading! Ride on!